Monday, 10 February 2014

January Eats

First monthly eats post for the Year of 2014 ! Happy Lunar Year to all as well ! Hope everyone has had an amazing start to 2014, filled with holidays and plenty of food adventures, because that's certainly what I've been doing all month.

I actually never realise how much food I eat …. until … I do a monthly post. This monthly post is my biggest post yet !  I haven't managed to cook anything at home this month, but because I've been lazy and since I've been away, I've been meeting up with plenty of friends, trying new cafes, places and eating old favourites :)


Hehe …. like I mentioned .. I personally didn't "cook" anything this month … BUT I HAVE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY FAVOURITE YOGHURT AS OF YET ! Dairy Farmers have made this new yoghurt and while it's not super thick, it's super creamyyyyy .. not too sweet and just all round ahhh-mazing ! I've tried the Blueberry, Strawberry & Honey flavour, but what I have multiple tubs of at home is their Raspberry & Coconut flavour …. Good on the go snack/meal for me!

Most super markets sell them for $2.00

One CRAZY thing that my friend did at mine was open a pack of chips … and elevate it so all the chips were at the surface and there was no awkward "whole entire fist covered in chips" by the end of the pack. I tried to do this … but failed. Yeah, I get amused easily

Now this isn't exactly "my" cooking but I'll feature mummy's cooking here too ! She makes an amazing Thai Beef Salad - accompany it with Laos Sausages, home made sticky rice and you've got a meal !


Once you eat out quite a bit .. you really really cherish being at home in solitude .. which is what I've learnt this month.

My FIRST meal in Australia was eaten at 317 in Church Street, Parramatta. Overly underestimated the portions/my stomach capacity and ordered 2 mains between 2 not hungry people, where we barely finished half of each meal.  Their "Biz Lunch" specials mean you can select any pasta/pizza/burger for $15.90 when they are normally $19+.

I've been 317 a few times and have been serviced well, but this time was a very poor experience. There was no customer service, and I had to ask for water multiple times. The waitresses weren't busy at all and just stood where after I asked for water. Food itself was average, so I don't think I'll be returning there. Sorry :(

Meat Deluxe Pizza - $15.90 | Linguine Pesto Chicken - $15.90

I returned back to Toan Thang (which I went to in my November Eats Post) for a good fix of Vietnamese food after being stuffed with Chinese for a whole month.  This was the first day of my "Recovery" from severe dehydration when I landed … so I barely had anything.  My friend had their Pho Dac Biet whilst I had their Crispy Skin Chicken Tomato Rice. I've had their pho before and I love it, but I wasn't too keen on the overall rice meal. The rice was rather mushy and very sweet .. you could tell it was tomato paste with a chunk load of soy sauce. The chicken was succulent though so, points for that ! Sad they don't give that soup like most Vietnamese places do.

Pho Dac Biet - $10.50

Crispy Skin Chicken w/ Tomato Rice - $10.50

Spicy Aroma is another favourite to go with my family when we don't want to cook Laos or Thai food. Their prices are really decent, where most noodles/salads are a max of $13 for chicken/beef/pork. I didn't manage to get a snap of individual dishes, but here is one of our table of food ! Quick snap shot in my November Posts as well !

Front To Back : Thai Beef Salad | Laos Sausages | BBQ Pork Neck | Nam Khao | Pork Pad Thai

One of my favourite local Shanghai restaurants is Shanghai Chef Kitchen. Prices have gone up over the last few years … but that's expected. I always order their Pan Fried Juicy Pork Buns where they come in plates of 8. The tradition in China about buns coming in 8 is because back in the day one of their "dollars" could buy 8 buns, and so it just became that everything came in 8… or that's why my friend told me .The Xiao Long Bao was quite nice, though I wish the pastry was thinner.

Xiao Long Bao - $6.80 (6) | Pan Fried Juicy Pork Bun - $8.80 (8)

It seems like I'm visiting all old restaurants again because I used my other scoop on voucher at Jasmin1 (read my review over here). Managed to demolish the WHOLE meat platter this time, filled with hommus, tabouli, falafel, kafta + 293280 yay !!

Felt like Korean so re visited La Grilla (read my review over here) and ordered my favourite Mexi-Kor Tacos hurhur …. SERIOUSLY SO DELICIOUS !

Mexi-Kor Tacos - $10.00 (2)

Gave their Spicy Chicken Set as go as well, coming with salad and rice. I got lazy wrapping everything in the lettuce leaves .. so I just ended up mixing everything together then eating it like that !

Spicy Chicken Set - $16.00

Must never neglect Korean sides either !

I like 2 or 3 … doors down is Le Caravelle, where my friend and I grabbed some dessert ! A scoop each of Pandan & Coconut as well as Black Sesame was the cherry on top of a good foodies night :) I preferred the Black Sesame flavour as the Pandan & Coconut was too sweet for me ..  I do want to try their savoury dishes, but I've heard really mixed reviews about the place …. Guess I just gotta see for myself.

Pandan | Black Sesame - $4.50/scoop

A bunch of friends came over and a cheap and easy go to meal was El Jannah. If you take away, it's 40% off the dine in price, so we just bought a truckload into my house and ate from there! Their falafel was a bit too dry for my liking, but the sauce provided added some moisture.

Falafel - 50c/each

 Their chips are sprinkled with a generous amount of chicken salt, though when cold … are not in my favour.

Family Chips - $12.00

The chicken was good this time round - not too dry and burnt! Smother on the garlic sauce, hommus and tabouli between the lebanese bread and you've got a mouthwatering feast!

Charcoal Chicken - $10.90 (Take away price)

Came back to Dong Ba in Cabramatta (also mentioned in August Eats) for some more Pho !

Pho Dac Biet - $10.00

I swear .. in January I visited all the restaurants I reviewed from August-October 2013 because I hadn't been there in so long.  I also ordered another Vietnamese dish Banh Canh Cua, which is a crab/seafood soup which is thick with tapioca noodles. Here, there are fish balls added and pieces of crab meat at the bottom.

Banh Canh Cua - $11.00 (I think ..)

This is my first time ordering Spring Rolls at a Vietnamese restaurant … and they don't compare to my mum's ones ! Decent job but … there's hardly any meat and all pastry.  Pretty sure it came in a plate of 6 but I pre ate heh ..

Spring Rolls - $8 (6)

Finishing work late at night = can't be bothered to cook = want food ASAP, so I purchased this sushi box from my all time FAVOURITE sushi place Hero Sushi for $5 because it was the end of the day, though they're normally $9.80!

I'm also one of those bloggers that post about festivals AFTER it happens ….. which is actually really bad.  Sydney Festival ran from Jan 9-26, and I only managed to go on the very last day. Trekked it to Hyde Park and luckily I arrived early enough, meaning I didn't have to wait in line !

I was dying of starvation and I HAVE to eat savoury before sweet normally if I'm super hungry. Managed to devour a Nacho Dog from Woofy's consisting of beef sausage topped with guacamole, chilli sauce, sour cream, cheese & corn chips chips . The filling itself was ahhhhmazinngg but the bun was on the dry side for me .

Nacho Dog - $8.00

Next stop at Sydney Festival was Messina! Instagram, face book, twitter .. you name it .. so much social media spamming about these desserts so I though I'd give it a go myself. 

The Yeeeah Dawgs is what EVERYONE is talking about … but .. the chance of getting a stale bun is not a risk I want to take. I opt for the Messinaweiner instead and I'm happy with my decision! You have to eat this in 2 minutes, because it melts SUPER FAST ! I can't really taste the maple syrup gelato in this, but the pancake batter is definately there! The plum sauce I find a tad bit too sweet :(

Messinaweiner - $9.00

The GelatoffeeApple was my second choice and initially I thought … How am I going to eat this ?! The red layer kind of feels like wax … and I just nibbled on that FOREVER, until I FINALLY hit the chocolate coating.  The chocolate coating was ROCK HARD and it took some more forever to get to the innards of apple gelato. I wasn't too fond on the apple gelato, as I imagined smoothness, but there were bits and pieces of apple and apple skin in it. I guess it proves they use "real apples" but the texture wasn't to my liking.

Gelatoffee Apple - $7.00

And of course post dessert I needed to eat something savoury so I hunted for Gumshara (my review here) and the soup was a lot thicker than normal but all that fatty pork nom nom … Gotta dilute my soup next time :(

Pork Ramen Noodle - $14.00

On a separate occasion to the city, I was CRAVINGG noodles, Menya Mappen may actually be my favourite noodle bar in Sydney. What I ALWAYS get is Japanese Curry Udon and sometimes pair it with takoyaki or either seaweed salad ! Sprinkle on some free tempura and it's a freaking amazing meal !

Japanese Curry Udon - $6.90


I've started to go to My Sweet Memory quite often just for catch ups with friends and late night desserts runs.  Had a whole slice of Red Velvet cake to myself whilst my friends had an Iced Tea & Hazelnut Iced Latte.

Red Velvet Cake - $6.90 

Like I said it was a normal place to go to , I grabbed a Green Tea Frappe hue hue … 

Green Tea Frappe 

I've been wanting to try Sparkle Cupcakery for THREE YEARS ! Everytime I caught a bus to uni … I'd pass it … and would tell myself .. I will try their cupcakes eventually . They stock them at My Sweet Memory now, but I think I expected so much after that 3 year build up , I set myself up for disappointment. I gave their Green Tea & Bubbles a go, because the idea of having tapioca inside a cupcake enticed me !  The cupcake was rather dry and there was too much lime icing … Maybe because the cupcake wasn't fresh ? I don't know, but still sad …

Green Tea & Bubbles  - $4.95 

SO yes ! This has been my BIGGEST "monthly" post from what I can recall actually ! I will do the continuation of Taiwan soon … but that's a massive post too. And I still have to say what I ate in Hong Kong :(

Uni is starting in a little over a month so I want to blog as much as I can before then ! Sorry for the really ugly trashy nails :( You know I'm usually a perfectionist so I now have Cherry Blossom Nails which you'll see on my next few posts !

Comments and feedback are always appreciated guys :)

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