Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gigino, Fairfield West

"I want guests to feel like they've just left their nonna's or their mum's house for lunch or dinner" Attilio Labbozetta - Gigino

A little bit hard for me to understand since I'm living at home, though I can totally relate to leaving my grandma's house, waddling .. no wait, no more rolling out the front door and not needing to eat for the next day.

Gigino whilst in an unexpected corner of Fairfield, is currently in the List Of Best Pizza In Sydney (June 2014) AND Good Food Guide Under $30 (2013&2014) so I guess you could say I was pretty excited to try their menu.  Luckily on a Sunday night, they're not too busy so we nab a table, though I can see plenty of people coming here for take away.

Their menu is simple and remains to the Italian tradition - no crazy carnivore meat pizza, or mix of never heard pasta (which seriously once at this place, I ordered some creamy chilli prawn white wine and the whole dish was confusing #rantover) or extremely fancy words, just simple but yummy authentic food.

Of course if it was listed as one of the best pizzas, we had to order one. Their Salsiccia topped with pomodoro, mozzerella, pork sausages & mushroom was my favourite of the night - a thin but crispy base with puffy sides and thankfully a punchful of taste without that lingering salty feeling not to mention the generous toppings. And yes that is all steam fresh from the oven.

Salsiccia - $19.00

Their Lasagne was also super hyped up, and when foods are that hyped up they generally fall short of expectations. Whilst the lasagne sheets itself were amazingly cooked al dente and meat was spurting from the sides, it lacked the cheesey and creamy goodness which is what makes lasagne one of my favourite dishes.  I cannot stress how much ... I was waiting for this dish.


Lasagne - $20.00

Cannot almost ever go past a Ricotta Cake which is actually one of my favourite cakes again. I should totally just make friends with Italians to try homemade food. The cake here was a tad bit on the dense side, though an enjoyable flavour and crumbly crust enough for two.

Ricotta Cake - $8.50

I totally missed the specials board as well .. because I saw the table next to us receive this pretty summer salad but by then I was too full. A bonus too that most of their desserts are made in house ! 

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Arisun Express, Chinatown

Don't know if I'm super early or super late in posting this but, ARISUN HAS LAUNCHED AN ARISUN EXPRESS STORE SINCE WHEN ?!

No longer do you need to go in groups to have the deep fried chicken experience, or those pan fried korean dumplings when in fact you can simply pick up a box of goodie Fried Chicken from this little window and munch away without being judged.

With 19 things on their menu, mainly Korean Snacks I believe it's more of a snack-ing place, but I admit I do snack before I eat a meal sometimes ...

Also, the chef/counter dude is a really hard to communicate with so I literally used my fingers to say "I want Number 3".

Chicken comes out similar to popcorn chicken, coated in extremely crunchy batter and all seasoned up.  Defs worth the money too compared to what you normally get for the ~$30 plates. I also recommend to get a cup to yourself, because sharing this with the boy was a real struggle.

Cup Crispy Chicken - $8.00

I'm keen to come back, and even more keen to sit on the parks overlooking the nice scenery of Sydney and hog a whole box of Fried Chicken to myself heh.

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