Sunday, 19 October 2014

Izba, Newtown

Thankyou to my uni lecture who designated me to the "Russian" culture because if not for you, I would have never found this place. I hope he reads my blog !

Izba, Russian Treats is situated a quick 10 minute walk from Newtown , or if you're feeling like some exercise, a 30 minute walk from USYD (which I did) and provides a homey Russian experience, serving delicious cakes and pastries which are all baked in house. "Izba" in Russian means a wooden cottage, symbolising comfort, home, happiness and childhood memories and though I am no longer a 'child' comfort, happiness and home food is what Izba delivers.

A few of the girls and I literally ran from USYD, scoffed down these cakes and ran back all within the hour, but it was well worth walking in the heat carrying uni bags.

We started off sharing the Babka , a brioche based dessert,  with swirls of cinnamon & chocolaty goodness served warm (didn't taste any cinnamon though ?)..

To sum it up, this is like swirled nutella brioche with more nutella , though traditionally it doesn't have filling. Definantely a breakfast item I  could get used to, though having tea on the side would make it perfect as it gets a tad bit dry.

Babka - $5.50

Our Napoleon, being a 5 layer dessert had a nice buttery flaky texture, all sandwiched by the custard like cream in-between with a crumbly crust.

Napoleon (RHS) : $11.50

The star dessert was the Honey Cake where unlike normal whipped cream, a vanilla sour cream is smothered in between of course, with a generous honey taste.  I honestly would have never imagined a dessert to have sour cream as an in-between layer ! Another crumble ontop gives it an additional texture. I did find this a little rich and sweet though, but when you share a variety of desserts, little pieces here and there are never enough !

Honey Cake : $9.50

I'm quite keen to try their other savoury dishes such as their Salmon Pie and Blini's (Buckwheat Pancakes), though I'm probably eyeing their range of desserts first ! Service here is very efficient, so it's always a good place to stop by if you're time short and the staff were very lovely.  Tables are scarce though !

Did I forget to mention I like pretty walls ?

PS if you order from Menulog you get 10% off your first order !

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autolyse, Chippendale

Jumping on the Autolyse bandwagon is moi.  Not gonna lie, when my lecture told us that our morning class was cancelled I was delighted.  Brunch is a rare occasion for me and no way can I get up early on the weekends ..

After reading all the reviews on Autolyse, I just had to go and because it’s in Central Park, it was close enough for me to walk over to uni.  The spacious environment makes it a relaxing to dine at, and there are an abundance of seats so even getting 8 people in here would be fine !

USYD/UTS Students, this is the PERFECT place for you. All foods are served 8AM-3PM so if you want a salad at 8AM or french toast at 2PM, you’re lined up for happiness. Not to mention that everything is less than $16.

I stepped up away from my beloved baked eggs to order the Smoked Trout Salad and mountainous layer of rocket and smoked trout with a citrus yoghurt towered on the board. The salad was larger than expected and with every fork-full , I’d managed to devour chunks of trout.  I normally don’t see potato in salad, unless it’s potato salad, but it was nice little addition in this case. Definitely worth the money I paid.

Smoked Trout Salad - $13.50

Now, one thing I can never say no to is good bread – especially sourdough.  This is embarrassing for me to admit, but I was too full to eat the bread at the time, so I just did a cheap Asian thing and quietly snuck it in my bag … so I could eat later. Absolutely no regrets.

My friend P dug into the Ricotta, Tomato & Green Bruschetta , and no kidding at least 2 perfectly ripe tomatoes were served on a deliciously generous spread of ricotta  Oh the glistening from the olive oil ! I managed to grad a bite of this, and boy was it refreshing ! Don’t be fooled by the size though as the thick toast ‘stuffed’ her.  Personally not a fan of basil like ‘raw’ so did not try that.

Ricotta, Tomato & Green Bruschetta - $12.00

Unfortunately we were too full to try any of their desserts. I am also sad I didn’t try the cheese soufflĂ©  because I love cheese but lactose intolerant + heaviness of cheese at 9AM would have total destroyed me. And as I’ve mentioned before chalk boards + pot plants have me at hello ;)

  Can't wait to stomach everything else from their menu, or just to have their bread everyday ! Their menu can be found online - happiest news ever. 

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