Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Izakaya Samurai, Neutral Bay

Sister store of the bustling Izakaya Yebisu (Regent Place, George St) comes Izakaya Samurai.  With the 'tapas' style ordering from an iPad with over 200+ food items, it honestly is a difficult decision to order between 2. On a Saturday night, it's really really packed, so much that I overheard one disappointed guy tell his girlfriend "Yeah a 2.5 hour wait". He probably should have pre-booked since it was over the Valentines Day weekend. Lesson learnt.

Thankfully Yuri from Washoku Lovers, is a Japanese guru on what to order here, so she highly recommended some items we wouldn't be able to get at other Japanese restaurants.

I feel the Japanese are amazing at what they create. The culture is so lively and welcoming. They're usually one of the first to create a smart whacky gadget, or install some system or even create very unusual trends.

I think one of the best things is alcohol free beer. Tasting exactly like Asahi, the non alcoholic version is perfect if you've been given the title of the designated driver on a good night out.  I found the Japanese Green Tea Sake to be very easy to drink as the green tea was more dominant.  With milk, it honestly tasted like an alcoholic green tea latte.

7 morsels of goodness makes me happy that I've tried Samurai 7. As there's two pieces of each, the boy and I are happy we don't need to fight over who tries what. We agreed that the sashimi is amazingly fresh, and the simple flavours go a long way. No to mention that for this amount at $19, it's pretty damn good value for money.

Another speciality at Izakaya Yebisu is their Abura Soba (Japanese Peperconcino). Translating to 'Soupless Oil Noodles' this was hands down my favourite dish of the night. The springy ramen tossed in shoyu soy and pork oil packed loads of flavour where the pork chausu was nice and fatty. To top it off, there was a spicy peppery hit to each bite making it an outstanding dish.

Our Beef Carpaccio was presented beautifully and the horseradish cream was a nice addition though I wish there was more. Personally, I would have preferred thinner slices and less oil, but the boy gobbled this up.

Of course daily greens - Seaweed Salad !

When our Scallop & Garlic Fried Rice arrived at the table, I already felt defeated. However, there was a fragrant aroma of fried garlic all tossed in meant I had to have some. Absolutely no regrets.  This is not for the faint hearted if you don't like garlic.

This sample dessert, a Valentines Day Special was the perfect way to end the night. The brownie like chocolate gateau was dense, but not too sweet whilst the addition of the glazed banana made me feel slightly healthier. Oh, and crumbly pear and ice cream are always a good combination.

Honestly, writing this post makes me feel full again, however wanting to eat these foods at the same time. I would highly highly recommend the Abura Soba (is now literally one of my favourite noodles dishes that I probably won't find easy) and Samurai 7. Of course, if you join Washoku Lovers (free to join guys!) you're able to score their special Malt Tap Beer or Sake at half the price or a free soft drink.

Izakaya Samurai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

* A Little Bit Of Tang dined as a guest at Izakaya Samurai & SD Marketing Global Pty Ltd, although all my opinions  are 100% my own, honest and unbiased.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Burger Joint (The Observer Hotel), The Rocks

It truly shocks a lot of people when I tell them I'm 1 month away from graduating as a dietitian. Dietitian = healthy eating + food blogger ... what ?! is how it normally plays out.

Regardless, at the end of the day, I am still human and some days I'll be meal prepping and recording my daily intake in a food diary .. other days I'll devour a thick, juicy, grease dripping beef burger and then feel so grubby but oh so satisfied. Which what leads me to this post. 

Prior to eating The Burger Joint, I was seriously like a ravenous pregnant lady craving for a gobsmacking burger, and scrolling through instagram did not help.

Situated inside The Observer Hotel, I had no idea this place existed till recently.  Besides burgers (duh, 'Burger' Joint), they offer wraps, salad, seafood and steak for those non burger lovers.

To prepare my stomach for the In and Out Burger I'll be eating in 4 weeks (Yay America!), I've ordered their American Beef - double beef, double cheese, onions and cheese and mustard the struggles to eat was real without having my jaw lock.

American Beef - $17.00

The boy's Bacon & Cheese again was an artery clogger, ontop of the cheese & beef pattty but we left undefeated! I did prefer my one though, because the bacon was just really really salty and kind of overpowered the grilled taste of the burger.

Bacon & Cheese - $16.50

Both burgers come with a side salad (Garden, Greek or Caesar) and of course deep fried chips to get some more calories into you. 

At the end of the day, I feel the burgers here are pretty awesome and definitely not for the light hearted. For all burger lovers, I would recommend you giving this place a shot, but beware of the pigeons because they keep trying to steal my chips !!

A Little Bit Of Tang dined as a guest at Burger Joint with thanks to CMP Online Marketing although all my opinions  are 100% my own, honest and unbiased.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.