Monday, 20 April 2015

Pu'er, Waterloo

I'll be honest, when I hear or think of good asian food, my mind is set on Cabramatta. And when I'm thinking of Waterloo,  it's fancy brunch places, hipster cafes and coffee - mind you I hadn't been to Waterloo before this trip.

What I was not expected is Pu'er - a sleek style Chinese eatery with it's modern food and of course the variety of unique teas'.

With their extensive menu, there was no time to be indecisive as of course, I'm a "I want to try EVERYTHING on the menu" kinda girl.

The pure tea's unique to Pu'er include their Osmanthus Phoenix giving an intense yet slight bitter taste with a sweet aroma.

 Osmanthus Phoenix - $9

The Jasmine Pearl, as an iced tea version with hints of papaya and pineapple was very refreshing and my favourite of the two.

Jasmine Pearl - $9

Who knew you'd EVER find Crispy Har Gow . Whilst super crunchy on the outside, it's still got the chewy steamed skin closer to the succulent prawns bringing back what you'd find traditionally.

Crispy Har Gow - $9

The Pan Fried Gyoza whilst having that beautiful crusty base was average, though one mouthful combined with the vinegar and pickled ginger provided more flavour.

Gyoza - $10

From the "Street Food" section, the Wagyu Tacos were one of the highlight dishes at Pu'er and one I would recommend to order. Very tender wagyu beef packed full of flavour with greens encased in the soft buns. Don't be fooled by the chilli though, it just adds that kick of flavour.

Wagyu Tacos - $16

I think I would have been in heaven if the wagyu beef were served in the deep fried mantao buns used for the Hong Kong Mini Burger. Wish there was just a little more house smoked chilli paste & hoisin with the panko pork, but still rather enjoyable and not dry.

Hong Kong Mini Burger - $15

My +1 who dined at Pu'er LOVES to eat chicken breast, whilst I find it rather dry. However the Twice Cooked Shangdong Chicken had this nod of approval saying the chicken was "as moist as it could get". The sauce prevented the chicken from being too dry, once again adding in a punchful of flavour.

Shandong Chicken - $29

The Three Cup Drunken Duck was a little on the sweet and salty for my liking, though the flesh falling off the bone is always a delight. Honestly like having "pulled duck" instead of "pulled pork".

Three Cup Drunken Duck - $26

Craig highly recommended their Chocolate Brownie, which whilst dense, wasn't as sweet as it looked. The salted almond praline & palm sugar ice cream wasn't too heavy and the banana & red wine jus was a strange mix I hadn't had before.

Chocolate Brownie - $10

My FAVOURITE dish of the day so happened to be the last. The Coconut & Kaffir Sorbet had textures of coconut within it, as well as fresh plump coconut flesh with neither flavour over powering.    I wish there was more, or even if they sold this by the tub! The black sticky rice I could give or take, and or course we had to take shots of coconut water in our tea cups.

Coconut & Kaffir Sorbet - $10

Overall Pu'er has left a great impression of the food they offer. All dishes were very flavoursome, but hands down the Wagyu Tacos and Coconut & Kaffir Sorbet shone.

I am also dreaming of the wagyu beef in the deep fried mantao bun and am in love with the decor. If you do decide to come here, I highly recommend in a small group. Their mains are value for money, and more people means more variety, especially with the amount of small meals and teas' they offer.

A Little Bit Of Tang dined as a guest at Pu'er on behalf of  Quinton Van Schalkwyk & Siev Gour although all my opinions  are 100% my own, honest and unbiased.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Chanoma Cafe, CBD

Throwback to June 2013 where Chanoma Cafe was my 2nd post and I am glad to say I have moved a very long way forward.

This time round, I'm here with Olivia from SD Marketing Global, Amanda (Meet the BFF) and another girl Sam, which I didn't exactly get her blog name :(

If you're in love with Japanese Food Washoku Lovers offers a FREE MEMBERSHIP CARD, where it's paired with numerous Japanese Restaurants across Sydney (Chanoma, Mapped, Oiden, Ramen O-San to name a few) where you can get exclusive perks, discounts and freebies just by flashing your card.

We head off to Chanoma Cafe where I cannot wait to immerse myself in their godly matcha green tea.

Us girls start off with the Matcha Shiramata Float , a serving of green tea latte, green tea soft serve with a skewer of chewy mochi balls.  Refreshing, yet bitter with the green tea, but when mixed with the soft serve presents a hit of sweetness that makes it addictive to drink.

To get a piece of everything, we share our dog (trust me, you want a bit of everything) and do not be fooled and assume " oh normal hot dog ... I normally eat 2 so I can have 2 pp and a drink and fries".
The Spicy Meat Lovers Dog wasn't as spicy as I remembered and I think this is the messiest to eat with the beans falling down my hands .. and the lashing of sauce is always a bonus.

The crispyness and deep fried goodness of our Tonkatsu Dog smothered in BBQ sauce and loads of mayo made it a second favourite but my #1 of the night went to the Teriyaki Chicken Dog because of the succelent, juicy, tasty chicken.

Can you see that dollop of mayo???

Shaked Chips. Who doesn't love fries !? We attempt to devour the remains of our foods .. but defeat calls with a few still left in the box. I personally prefer the Soy & Seaweed flavour with it's seaweed-salt flavour over the Chili & Salt.

Whilst leaving stuff, the bottom line is GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD ! It's 100% free and who doesn't love free and discounted stuff ?!

If you don't have time to sit down and eat, or there's just absolutely no space and you're craving a matcha hit they do take away as well so fear not !

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A Little Bit Of Tang dined as a guest at Chanoma Cafe & SD Marketing Global Pty Ltd (Washoku Lovers), although all my opinions  are 100% my own, honest and unbiased.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.