Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dae Ga Korean Restaurant, Parramatta

Dae Ga Korean Korean Restaurant recently opened up in Parramatta, opposite Crunch Gym (The Old Officeworks) for you local people. Upon entering, the staff and owner are rather cheerful and very inviting. The first time I visited, there weren't too many people, but a week later, it seems that word has gotten out because it's a lot more packed.

The service is prompt, being given side dishes and menu's quickly. They have Korean BBQ, Soups, small eats and all, but of course, I'm flicking through but my eyes hit the jackpot seeing "FRIED CHICKEN".  I am devastated to tell you, that upon ordering, we were told their deep fryer had broke ........ so I'll have to visit again in a few weeks after repairs.

Starting with sides dishes. I'm not a fan of kim chi (in general that is), apparently I'm crazy?  In fact, I think I have an obsession with potato.

And this gelatinous blob .. was the best I've eaten. Must be because of the chilli underneath it .

On a cold winter's day, how could you ever resist the Marinated Beef Hot Pot. I feel their serving sizes are larger than other restaurants I've been too, and they don't hesitate to pack vegetables and sprouts into it.

Lots and lots of slices of beef and whole octopus, potato noodles in a chilli broth are the way to my heart. This dish comes with 2 bowls of rice but I didn't even touch it because I was full. The soup wasn't as spicy the second time round ... but maybe because they saw me die from spiciness the week before.

Marinated Beef Hot Pot - $43.00

The Seafood Pancake was extremely crunchy. None of this, 'if I don't eat it ASAP it'll go soggy' because at the end of eating, they were still crunchy. Batter wasn't too thick, lots of seafood and just amazed at the crunchiness of this. Pretty good portion size as well, but for some reason the photo makes it look so small.

Seafood Pancake - $15.00

Wherever the boy can get his hands on eel, it's a must. He gave a thumbs up to the Grilled Eel which came out on a sizzling hot plate. Unlike other Japanese/Korean places, the eel is often doused in a sweet teriyaki sauce, overpowering the dish, however this eel was lightly basted. I don't know why I find it funny that it's served on a cow hot plate ..

Grilled Eel - $22.00

Told the owners I'd have to come back as soon as their deep fryer was repaired. Should have just left my number so I could get their ASAP.  Dae Ga Korean are currently BYO and opened 7 days a week.

42 George Street
Parramatta, 2150

02 9687 42 42

Monday, 18 May 2015

La Tratt, Fairfield

The concept of a fine dining establishment serving food and service of that you'd expect from the Sydney CBD in Western Sydney is delivered in La Tratt, surprisingly located in Fairfield RSL. It's polished, sleek and gives me an excuse to look over the top.

To get through happy hump day (is it really ever happy?) and get out of my grandma style habit i.e 9PM in bed with tea, the boy and I had a little celebratory dinner here over their Winter mid week special - boasting an affordable price of $62 for 3 courses + wine.

On arrival, we're brought complimentary bread, olive & dipping board. Good sourdough, plenty of balsamic and I'm awkwardly picking out the olives from my olive bread cos we ain't olive people.

Every since my Hunter Valley trip, I've grown on wine, so no hesitation to a glass of 2012 La Tratt Chardonnay, and the other option being the 2011 La Tratt Cabernet Merlot.

To start, my eyes are immediately drawn to the thought of Gnocchi Di Aragosta , which one of the waitress tell me, usually isn't on their menu as it's of high demand, so we're lucky it's on the mid week special this time. Fluffly pillows of potato gnocchi (one of the best I've had) gently coated in a tomato chilli cream and most importantly the sweet slipper lobster meat (not 'true' lobster, but similar to a Morton Bay Bug) was heavenly.

When I order, I don't even try to pronounce it in Italian. Try saying Pancia Di Maiale Arrosoto, translating to the roast chilli honey marinated pork belly. You could taste the honey, with the chilli being very subtle. A classic start to the night with the tomato salsa & fennel. 

I think I'm drawn to having crackling, so while this was a good dish, the gnocchi blew this dish out of the park.

It's somewhat 'common sense' for you and your dining partner to order different mains to try more of what's offered, but there was no backing down from the Confit Dutton Park Duck Pie (Torta Di Antra) .

A buttery flaky pastry with a generous amount of duck and the spread of potato puree tied together with the wild mushroom, duck sherry jus & truffle oil worked incredibly well and was the favourite of the night.

I'm impressed with their complimentary steamed vegetables, which would have normally been charged >$8 in other restaurants.

Jeans are no longer in my closet. In fact, I wear jeans at most 5 times/year simply because I know if I unbutton them to expand my stomach ... I'll forget to button them back up post meal so instead tights and dresses are the way to go.

This was the case when we had THREE desserts presented to us. An extra scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for a mini anniversary celebration (complimentary again - thanks for looking after us so goddamn well !!)

I've heard great things about their Bomboloni and whilst stuffed, managed to eat them all ... Soft cinnamon sugar Italian doughnuts dipped in a rich dulce de leche then rolled in the hazelnuts and
I was pushed to a food coma. 

A new level of food coma was experienced that night - so bad I was still full the next day from all my food. The Torta Al Cioccolato was starting us right in face ... begging to be eaten. A very dense flourless chocolate cake, somewhat resembling a brownie but not as sweet in combination with the raspberry sorbet were again classic flavours with the mixed fruit and decorated with meringue & blueberry gel.

One highlight of the night was 'accidentally' eating the flowers it came with. I don't think we were meant to eat the flowers ... but I did because it was on the plate and flowers don't taste as good as they look.

Lesson learnt.

I'm grateful there's a fine dining place I can get to within a 10 minute drive. Great good, service, atmosphere, you've won it all ! The duck pie - highlight of the night. So good I'm going to attempt to make a duck pie at home.

Make sure your stomach is CLEAR before here, because they're not stingy on portion size.

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